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Assessment and Treatment of Trauma Medical Advisor

Requirements to Become an ATT Medical Advisor

ATT Medical Advisors must:

  • Have an active physician’s license (MD or DO)
  • Hold current responsibilities in the local or regional EMS or trauma system
  • Know local and/or regional EMS jurisdictional protocols
  • Agree to review how the ATT Course can be integrated into the local EMS community
  • Serve as resource for the Course Coordinator to answer questions regarding the course content and integration of ATT principles into the EMS system

Responsibilities of ATT Medical Advisors

The level of involvement needed from the ATT Medical Advisor may vary from one course to the next. It is not mandatory for the Medical Advisor to be on site, but he or she must perform other duties including the following:

  • Provide medical direction and advice for the Course Coordinator as needed
  • Review the course content and recommend potential Faculty if needed
  • Identify and clarify jurisdictional and protocol issues to be addressed in the course
  • Serve as a Faculty member if possible


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