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Assessment and Treatment of Trauma Course Equipment

Following is a comprehensive list of all of the supplies and equipment needed for the ATT basic and advanced courses. The equipment list is the same for both courses.

Audiovisual Equipment

  • LCD projector and screen
  • Computer with CD-ROM drive
  • DVD player with speakers
  • Monitor


  • ATT ToolKit CD-ROM
  • Appropriate ATT textbooks (basic or advanced) with Precourse Online Module Access Code (one per student and Faculty)
  • Name tags (one for each student and Faculty)
  • Signs
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Markers
  • Tape
  • Receipt book
  • Parking passes (if necessary)
  • Flip chart for each breakout session

Skill Station Equipment

Assessment Skill Station

  • 1 sheet to use as a ground covering
  • Stethoscope
  • Pen light
  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Cervical collars of various sizes
  • Complete trauma kit or oxygen delivery kit (optional) 

Airway Skill Station

  • Airway manikin
  • Airway adjuncts (appropriate to participant skill level and supportive equipment)
  • Non-rebreathing mask
  • Nasal prongs
  • Positive pressure ventilation device
  • Oxygen cylinder and regulator
  • Suction equipment with hard and soft suction catheters
  • Device to assess placement of airway adjunct
  • Device for securing airway adjunt common to local protocol, if required

Spinal Immobilization Skill Station

  • Assorted sizes of cervical collars
  • Long backboard
  • Alternate spinal immobilization devices common to local protocols (eg, vacuum splint, rescue sleeve, vest-type immobilizer, scoop stretcher, etc.)
  • Motorcycle helmet
  • Additional padding, straps, and head immobilization device common to local protocol, as appropriate
  • 1 sheet to use as a ground covering
  • TV or computer with DVD player
  • Optional–Oxygen delivery system and mask
  • Optional–Assessment tools (eg, blood pressure cuff, pen light, stethoscope)

Glasgow Coma Score Assessment Skill Station

  • 1 score sheet for each participant
  • TV or computer with DVD player

Mass Casualty Incident Triage Skill Station

  • 8 copies of the triage tag used by the local EMS jurisdiction for each participant
  • TV or computer with DVD player
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