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Teaching the Assessment and Treatment of Trauma Course

The Assessment and Treatment of Trauma (ATT) Course helps prehospital professionals learn and assimilate the fundamental knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are necessary for assessing and treating the trauma patient. The ATT Course is especially tailored to meet the needs of out-of-hospital personnel who often have to make quick decisions about the care and destination of trauma patients in the field, many times without immediate medical direction.

Learning is the process of assimilating new knowledge, insights, and skills; the purpose of instruction is to facilitate this process. Instructors can affect learning directly by their organization and presentation of educational materials and indirectly through their attitudes toward learners, toward the subject matter, and toward the educational process itself. The interaction between instructor and learner also is affected by the beliefs, values, needs, attitudes, and self-concepts of both individuals.

The ATT Course is intended to address the special needs of adult learners who bring much life experience to the course. The instructional designs and techniques for this course are varied to meet the needs of participants with diverse learning styles. The highly interactive format for the sessions also is designed to enhance the self-efficacy (the belief in one’s ability to perform tasks successfully) of participants by allowing immediate feedback, opportunities to observe other participants performing the tasks, and sufficient individual practice for skill acquisition.
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