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Assessment and Treatment of Trauma Course Administration

Assessment and Treatment of Trauma (ATT) offers user-friendly administration in a nearly "paperless" environment. Course Coordinators can access all of the information they need directly from the Course Coordinator section of this web site and interact directly with the AAOS. Course Coordinators select their own Faculty and Medical Advisor. Best of all, ATT is easy to teach! There are no administrative hurdles or complicated record-keeping. Course Completion Certificates are free of charge to participants who successfully complete the course.

The people, or positions, you will need for your ATT Course include:

  • One approved ATT Course Coordinator
  • One ATT Medical Advisor
  • One ATT Faculty member for every eight participants
  • Optional: ATT Support Staff to assist with planning, marketing, making course arrangements, registration, and course implementation

The number of Faculty needed to conduct an ATT Course varies depending on how many participants are enrolled in the course. The skill stations and scenarios require a Faculty-to-student ratio of 1:8 (or ratio set by local continuing education accreditation agency). For example, if there is a course with 32 participants, 4 faculty members are needed.

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