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Assessment and Treatment of Trauma Course Budget

The ATT Course Coordinator establishes the registration fee for the ATT Course. The cost of conducting an ATT Course may vary greatly depending on institutional/organizational support and availability of facilities and equipment. In addition to a registration fee, you may want to investigate outside funding sources to help defray costs.


  • Brochure development, design, printing, and mailing
  • Cost of ads or other promotional activities

Faculty Expenses

  • Course Faculty transportation, lodging, meals, and in some cases, honorarium
  • Continuing education credit application fees

Equipment Purchase and Rental

  • Disposable supplies
  • Equipment purchase, loan, and rental for Skill Stations
  • Audiovisual equipment

Facility Expenses

  • Rental fee for general session and breakout rooms
  • Meeting coordinator charges
  • Charges for meals and refreshment breaks (including tax and gratuity)

Course Supplies

  • ATT Textbook with Precourse Online Module Access Code for each student and Faculty who do not already have a copy
  • ATT ToolKit CD-ROM
  • General supplies
  • Name badges
  • Registration supplies


  • ATT written test


  • Faculty and participant confirmation letters and textbook with Precourse Online Module Access Code
  • Miscellaneous correspondence
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