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Assessment and Treatment of Trauma Faculty

Requirements to Become ATT Faculty

There are two levels of ATT Courses: basic and advanced. A wide range of health care professionals could be attending these courses. Faculty members must be health care professionals. It is important that the Faculty selected is appropriately trained for the audience that they are teaching. Ideally, Faculty members are individuals who have successfully completed an ATT Course and Faculty Orientation. Additional Faculty requirements may be required by local continuing education accreditation agencies to successfully award continuing education credits.

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Responsibilities of ATT Faculty

ATT Faculty responsibilities include:

  • Facilitate Learning Process
    Faculty should facilitate the learning process of assigned material in a meaningful way for the students in the course.
  • Be Familiar with Course Structure and Material
    Faculty must familiarize him or herself with the overall course structure and assigned material before the course and should be thoroughly familiar with the objectives and content that he or she is presenting. To help familiarize ATT Faculty, there is a Faculty Orientation available.
  • Work with ATT Course Coordinator and Other Faculty
    Faculty must be willing to work with the Course Coordinator and other Faculty. Typically, an ATT Course involves an ATT Course Coordinator and several Faculty members. It is important that everyone work together to provide a successful course for the student participants.
  • Read Materials Related to ATT Faculty
    Faculty members must have a copy of the ATT Textbook and access to the ATT ToolKit CD-ROM and should read the sections pertinent to their teaching assignment before teaching the ATT Course.
  • Submit Faculty Evaluation Form
    The AAOS continues to strive to improve the ATT Course. Therefore, feedback from Faculty is very important. Faculty are encouraged to submit evaluation forms for every course they participate in.

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Number of Faculty Needed

The number of Faculty needed to conduct an ATT Course varies depending on how many participants are enrolled in the course. The skill stations and scenarios require a Faculty-to-participant ratio of 1:8 (or ratio set by local continuing education accreditation agency). For example, if there is a course with 32 participants, 4 faculty members are needed.

Preparing ATT Faculty

It is recommended that the Course Coordinator meet with the Faculty before the start of the course to discuss the following:

  • Review of the course schedule
  • Any unusual situations or potential problem areas
  • Management of scenarios
  • Management and set-up of equipment for skill stations
  • Questions about course content

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